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Signal light for lifebuoys


This flashing LED lifebuoy light is SOLAS and MED (Steering Wheel) approved and conforms to ISO 24408:2005.

When the lifebuoy is removed from the holder along with the signal light to throw both near the person in distress, this flashing light is automatically triggered by the signal light turning over and the two contacts being connected through the water. The signal light is completely waterproof and is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate.

The light duration of the flashing light is ≥ 8 hours at temperatures from -1 ° C to + 30 ° C. The luminosity is 2 candelas.

The product has a lifespan of 5 years and must then be disposed of according to regulations.

installation on board

The signal light is mounted directly next to the lifebuoy and firmly connected to the lifebuoy with the nylon cord. The flashing light must be mounted on the head in the clip provided, as it cannot be triggered on the head, even if the contacts should connect due to the weather (see picture).

Technical specification

Battery: CR123 lithium battery (not replaceable)

Flashing light: LED

Color white

Flash rate: 51 to 54 times per minute

Luminous intensity: ≥ 2 candelas

Operating time with activated flashing light: ≥ 8 hours

Storage temperature: From - 30° C to + 65° C

Operating temperature: From -1°C to + 30°C

Expiry date: 5 years from date of manufacture

Weight: 210 grams (including the clip)

Dimensions: Ø 90 mm, height 124 mm

Features: Heat Resistant, Oil Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Waterproof and UV Light Resistant

Included in delivery: signal light, clip, nylon cord

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