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Life jacket for dogs

This life jacket for dogs in neon green is easy to put on using the three buckles and is available in 4 sizes. It is sold with a 2.5 meter long, 12mm diameter, matching colored line which is buoyant due to the fittings and features two handy handles and a snap shackle.

The lifejacket consists of a durable Nylon Oxford fabric.

In order to determine the correct size of the life jacket for the dog, the chest of the dog must be measured about 4 finger widths behind the front legs using a tape measure. The lifejacket is then selected according to the table below:

Size Circumference chest Circumference neck

Small 28-33cm 26-31cm

M 36-44cm 33-41cm

L 59-67cm 49-56cm

XL 69-80cm 59-67cm

All 3 straps can still be adjusted within certain limits.

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