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Harness for dogs with leash

The dog harness is easy to put on using the three adjustment straps and is available in four sizes and two colours. It is sold with a colour-matched 12mm diameter leash fitted with two handy handles and a snap shackle.

The dog harness is made of durable Nylon Oxford fabric that is easy to clean with a sponge and soapy water.

In order to determine the right size of the dog harness for the dog, the dog's chest must be determined about 4 finger widths behind the front legs using a tape measure. You then choose the dog harness according to the following table, whereby all three straps can still be adjusted within certain limits:

Size Circumference chest Circumference neck

S 36-50cm 36-46cm

M 46-63cm 44-54cm

L 54-71cm 47-64cm

XL 68-93cm 60-79cm

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