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The SEAANGEL SA14-MOB is a man overboard system to save lives in distress at sea and was developed exclusively for the leisure shipping sector.

​Product Details

  • Automatic activation - automatic activation of the SEAANGEL SA14-MOB with continuous 3-second water contact

  • Manual activation - manual triggering of the emergency signals by pulling the rip cord or using a button

  • Better localization - easier localization in the dark thanks to the status LED and LED flashlight

  • Transmission range - up to 10 NM and more (depending on waves, antenna height of the receiver and free line of sight to the receiver antenna)

  • Integrated GNSS receiver with 72 channels - supporting GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and integrated antenna

  • Unmistakable device identification - through a uniquely assigned emergency number

  • Device characteristics - compact and lightweight

  • Development & production - as well as complementing, manufacturing and sales in and from Austria

Technical details

  • Broadcast mode - send a continuous distress signal for 72 hours from activation even after 7 years

  • Battery life - 5 years (Caution: immediate battery replacement required after emergency activation by the manufacturer)

  • Frequency range - AIS channel 1 and 2 (161.975 MHz / 162.025 MHz)

  • Transmission power - 1 watt

  • Operating temperature range - -20°C to 55°C

  • Small dimensions - 138mm x 65mm x 25mm excl. antenna and optional mounting pole

  • Waterproof - IP X7

  • Tested to: EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011, IEC 62479:2010, IEC 60945 (2002-08), IEC 61097-14:2010, IEC 61108-1:2003

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