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SeaCurity GmbH

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SeaCurity leak protection disc, diameter 26 cm, with 5 meter ratchet strap

This leak protection system consists of a red silicone disc, a holder with soft grip and a 5 meter long lashing strap.

​The silicone disc has a diameter of 26 cm and can thus seal leaks up to a maximum diameter of 20 cm.

The silicone disc is pushed through the leak from the inside to the outside and then lashed with the tension belt inside the boat in such a way that the leak protection disc cannot change its position. A leak with a minimum diameter of 6 cm is required.

​The holder and the fittings are made of stainless steel, so that the disc can also be stored in a damp environment.

​Due to the water pressure, even with a shallow draft, the flexible disc is pressed against the leak from the outside and also held in place by the tension belt. It would also be possible to thread a log through the U-bolt at the end of the handle to clamp the leak lock washer if a reliable tie down cannot be attached.

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