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SeaCurity Grab Bag according to ISO 9650-1

The emergency equipment of a liferaft depends on the time that one is expected to spend on board the liferaft. According to ISO 9650-1, Group A, a distinction is made between Pack 2 emergency equipment for a residence time of < 24 hours and Pack 1 emergency equipment for a residence time of > 24 hours.

SeaCurity ISO life rafts already contain the Pack 2 emergency equipment upon delivery. If necessary, the emergency equipment pack 2 can be upgraded to the emergency equipment pack 1 with the grab bag offered here, which must have a fluorescent color and should be able to float for 30 minutes when fully packed.

The content is defined by ISO 9650-1 and depends on the capacity of a liferaft. Therefore we offer 2 sizes of grab bags: the small version for life rafts with a capacity of 4 people and the large version for a capacity of 6 or 8 people.

Grab bag for life rafts according to ISO 9650-1, Emergency Pack 1 (>24 hours)

Included Items Grab Bag 40 l/4 people Grab Bag 55 l/6 people Grab Bag 55 l/8 people
Waterproof bag with contents list, expiration dates contents, padded pockets inside 40 l content 55 l content 55 l content
Hand torch, red 3 pcs. 3 pcs. 3 pcs.
Cold protection bag (TPA) according to SOLAS 2 pcs. 2 pcs. 2 pcs.
Drinking water in 100 ml bags 1.5 l per person x 4 people = 6 l (60 bags) 1.5 l per person x 6 people=9 l (90 bags) 1.5 l per person x 8 people = 12 l (120 bags)
Emergency food in packets of 10,000 kJ per person. 4 packets 6 packets 8 packets
Emergency pharmacy according to SOLAS regulations for life rafts 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
suncream 200ml 200ml 200ml
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