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CF3 parachute rocket, red, SOLAS/MED/CE

Hand-held, long-range distress signal for day or night use

The CF3 parachute rocket, red -SOLAS-, approved according to SOLAS/MED/USCG, was developed to withstand even exceptional environmental conditions and to ensure reliable function even after immersion in water. The impact fuze and the safe ignition from the ground, the cold end of the parachute rocket, as well as a low recoil guarantee easy and safe handling. In addition, the spin stabilization of the rocket ensures less sensitivity to wind.

The signal star reaches a height of 350 m and lights up for 40 seconds with a light intensity of 30,000 candelas.

Mandatory on the ship's bridge and in the lifeboats and life rafts to be kept on board.

Recommended for all types of watercraft - whether professional or recreational.


  • Use: emergency signal for position marking
  • Burn time: > 40 seconds
  • Red color
  • Luminous intensity: > 30,000 candelas
  • Issued to persons aged 21 or over with a certificate of competency
  • Net weight per piece: 0.350 kg
  • Registration number: 0589-P2-0060
  • NEM: 120 grams per signal
  • UN no. 0505 distress signal body, class 1.4G
  • CE marking: CE-0589
  • Expiry date: 4 years from date of manufacture

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