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Boat Rescue System BRS (pat.)

The use of the patented BRS ™ system offers the protection of the boat, the objects on board and also the environment, since the boat stays on the water surface even with ingress of water. Due to a very simple use, the system can be used by any crew member. No additional training is required. Reading the instructions for use is sufficient.
The energy for filling the float comes from a CO-2 fire extinguisher, whereby only the extinguishing nozzle has to be unscrewed and replaced with the BRS nozzle. The fire extinguisher is independent of external factors and therefore works in all conditions.

The exceptionally short preparation time of the BRS ™ system prevents the boat from sinking in the vast majority of cases in the event of damage to the boat and subsequent water ingress.

The successful use of the BRS™ system avoids the exceptionally high consequential costs of recovering the boat from the seabed and the costs of additional damage resulting from the sinking of the boat.

The BRS ™ system prevents the uncontrolled escape of dangerous liquids such as fuels, motor oils and chemicals, which poses a great danger in the event of the boat sinking.

The small volume and light weight of the BRS ™ system allows for easy storage and rapid deployment in an emergency.

In addition, the supplied CO-2 fire extinguisher guarantees that you can extinguish fires from flammable liquids and from electrical short circuits.

The BRS ™ system comes in 4 versions .

  • BRS Kit 2N (with net): Two buoyancy chambers with net holders for both buoyancy chambers, suitable for small open boats, where the water displacement is 1700 kg.

  • BRS Kit 4 (without net): Four buoyancy devices without net holder, suitable for small to medium-sized boats with a cabin, with a water displacement of 3400 kg.

  • BRS Kit 4N (with net): Four buoyancy bags with net holder for two buoyancy bags, suitable for small to medium-sized boats with a small cabin (typical for modern day cruisers), with a water displacement of 3400 kg.

  • BRS Kit 6 (without net): 6 buoyancy bodies without net holder, suitable for boats with a large cabin up to approx. 11 meters in length, with a water displacement of 5100 kg.

Of course , the different kits can also be combined with each other to keep larger boats on the water surface.

A 2 kg CO-2 fire extinguisher is sufficient to fill a total of six inflatable bodies.

​Crucial to proper sizing for each boat is the specific weight of each boat, with metal boats having a greater specific weight than GRP or other plastic composite boats. In practice, the buoyancy devices used must compensate for the weight of all non-buoyant parts of the boat. This includes not only the hull itself but the entire rig, the boat engine, the anchor with anchor chain, the keel, other items of equipment and at least one person remaining on board. So for metal boats it is the total weight of the equipped boat plus at least one crew member.

​The BRS kits are supplied with and without a CO-2 fire extinguisher. To protect the system, the BRS kits are delivered in one of our dry bags.

water displacement Weight with CO-2 extinguisher Weight without CO-2 extinguisher
BRS Kit 2N 1700 13.85 5.25
BRS Kit 4 3400 14.85 6.25
BRS Kit 4N 3400 16.70 8.10
BRS Kit 6 5100 17.90 9.30
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