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Complete AIS set SEANEXX RX210 + clip antenna

The SEANEXX RX210 AIS+GPS combination receiver, the size of a conventional USB stick, combined with the AIS clip antenna, offers an inexpensive all-in-one solution to turn your laptop into a navigation system. Thanks to the two freely rotatable axes, the clip antenna combines excellent reception properties with flexible mounting options.

That's how it's done:
- Connect the SEANEXX RX210 to a free USB port
- Place the clip antenna
- Receive AIS signals!

This means for you - easy installation, no drilling and screwing and no extra power supply!

The SEANEXX RX210 receives both AIS channels (full dual channel receiver, channel 1 - 161.975 MHz and channel 2 - 162.025 MHz) simultaneously. The integrated GNSS antenna is the ideal supplement for all those who do not want to install an extra GPS mouse. The SEANEXX AIS USB Stick works hand in hand with all AIS compatible navigation programs such as OpenCPN, MaxSea etc. Further technical data on the SEANEXX RX210 can be found here: SEANEXX RX210

Scope of delivery:
- AIS+GPS combo receiver with USB port
- Clip antenna incl. 5 m antenna cable
- Quick Start Guide & Packaging

All our products are developed in Austria and manufactured on site according to the highest quality standards.

System requirements: Laptop/PC with a free USB interface, navigation software or AIS decoding software (e.g. free from OpenCPN ), for optimal GPS satellite reception - clear view of the sky.

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