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SeaCurity GmbH

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These lifejackets have a double buoyancy chamber with two release systems, one manual and one automatic. This is for extra security. For commercial shipping these lifejackets are mandatory and with good reason.

They meet the particularly strict regulations of the international SOLAS agreement and have steering wheel approval for the European market.

These life jackets are fully equipped with a whistle, an automatically triggered signal light, a crotch strap, a chest strap with a D-ring (harness) and an integrated splash guard hood.

​They must be visually inspected every year and serviced at a SeaCurity authorized service station every two years.

​SOLAS / MED approved inflatable life jackets with the following specification:

  • Double chamber life jacket with manual and automatic UML inflation system

  • Buoyancy 150 N (=CO-2 33 g) and 275 N (=CO-2 60 g)

  • Red color

  • Chest strap with stainless steel D-ring

  • stainless steel clasp

  • signal light

  • crotch strap

  • Integrated spray hood

  • SOLAS / MED approvals

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SOLAS/MED lifejacket 150N with harness


SOLAS/MED lifejacket 275N with harness

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