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SeaCurity GmbH

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SeaCurity Rescue Hoister (Recovery Sail)

This recovery sail has all the features needed to ensure the rescue of a casualty who has fallen overboard from a sailboat in a horizontal position.

Since the 1970's, emergency physicians have required the horizontal, horizontal rescue of a person from the water. When rescuing in a vertical posture, there is always the risk of what is known as rescue death, in which case cold blood from the extremities is suddenly pumped into the circulatory system; circulatory failure occurs.

The recovery sail is therefore an essential piece of equipment for bringing people out of the water in the correct position on board sailing boats, but also professional lifeboats that have equipment for hoisting the recovery sail.

The SeaCurity Rescue Hoister can be attached to the railing posts or other fixed points on board the ship at 2 anchor points using two eyelets in the pack bag provided, so that the recovery sail is immediately available in the right place in an emergency.

The recovery sail is attached to 4 anchor points on board the ship with the loops and snap shackles provided so that the sail rests as much as possible on the deck of the boat. The top of the recovery sail is connected to the main halyard or jib halyard in the case of sailing boats. The mountain sail is then lowered into the water and the casualty can swim in. By hoisting the fall, the person is brought to the level of the boat deck and can then be recovered in a horizontal position. If the person is still able to save themselves, they can climb on board using the steps built into the recovery sail. In addition, straps are attached to ensure easier mounting.

In this respect, the recovery sail can also be used as a bathing ladder on high-sided ships.

In order to better identify the mountain sail at night or at dusk, there are reflective strips in the visible area.


  • Material: Water-permeable polyester fabric, conforms to the EN 471 standard

  • Light weight, high tear resistance

  • 4 hanging loops made of 8 mm thick cordage, with 4 snap shackles made of stainless steel

  • Reflective strips in the visible area

  • Incorporated steps

  • Integrated straps

  • Polyester protective bag

  • Dimensions: 200cm x 300cm x 300cm

  • Colour: signal yellow

  • Weight: 5.4kg

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