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SeaCurity GmbH

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SeaCurity Multiple Rescue System (MRS)

The aim of our new development of the MRS was to develop a system that is able to offer a large number of people floating in the water the opportunity to hold on to the buoyancy device until a safe rescue of each individual person can be guaranteed .

The MRS is carried by rescue ship units for emergencies. If you approach a boat occupied by refugees, this system is simply thrown into the water together with the bag, after the safety line has been attached to the ship. The buoyancy body now inflates automatically by itself and when inflated offers sufficient capacity for approx. 20 people to hold onto it until the final transfer to the rescue ship unit.

In order to achieve sufficient stability, so-called capsizing protection bags were attached under the inflation body, which are intended to prevent the system from rising out of the water on one side if the load is unequal.

After a mission, the MRS can be recovered using the safety line and fitted with new CO-2 bottles on board the rescue ship. It is thus ready for use again.

However, the MRS has other possible uses, such as: as a buoyancy device for larger sailing boats, as a rescue system for ultra-light aircraft, so-called Ultra Lights or Micro Lights, and as a boundary buoy for water surfaces.

  • Length 3.80 m

  • Diameter 45cm

  • Volume: 0.604 cbm

  • Weight 11kg

  • Halkey Roberts Alpha release mechanism

  • 40 m lifeline

  • 2 x 740 gram disposable CO-2 cylinders

  • buoyant safety knife

  • Packed in a small red bag (50cm x 35cm x 20cm)

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