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SeaCurity GmbH

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SeaCurity DAN Buoy (Marker Buoy)

This article is purely a marker buoy. It inflates automatically once removed from the case and thrown into the water. The inflation mechanism is the well-known UML MK 5 trigger fitted with a 33 gram CO-2 cartridge.

The SeaCurity DAN Buoy can be attached very practically to the railing using Velcro straps on the back, so that it can be reached quickly and at any time.

If a man goes overboard, the buoy is removed from the cover and simply thrown into the water with the protective hood. It then inflates automatically. Due to its height of 2.10 m, an automatically triggering signal light attached to the top (light duration up to 8 hours), the signal flag and the reflective strips, it can be located quickly day and night, even in rough seas. Drifting anchor and ballast weight prevent a larger drift or turning over.


  • Material inflation body: polyurethane coated nylon fabric

  • Inflation Mechanism: MK5 Automatic Trigger by UML

  • CO-2 cartridge: 33 grams with ½ `` thread

  • Manual inflation/deflation valve

  • drogue

  • Reflective stripes in the upper area

  • Large stabilization weight

  • Packed in a bag with Velcro railing attachment

  • Item colour: neon yellow

  • Complies with ISAF regulations (Art. 4.22.4 for MoMu 0,1,2)

  • Weight: 4.00 kg

  • Height: 2.10 m

  • Bag diameter: 12 cm, bag height 45 cm

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