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SeaCurity GmbH

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Life jacket solid (adult) 150 N, SOLAS/MED

This lifejacket is both SOLAS and MED (Steering Wheel) approved. It is intended for adults. It is equipped with a signal whistle. In addition, she has attached a rescue loop to the chest strap, which should make it easier to rescue people in an emergency. Also, it is possible to have an automatic or manual signal light (our kind. 52011 ; 52012 ).

Product description:

  • SOLAS/MED approved solid life jacket: EC Certificate Type Examination (Module B) No. 12181-10 HH (GL)

  • Buoyancy for adult life jacket: 150 N

  • Outer skin material: Polyester Oxford

  • Emergency equipment: signal whistle and rescue loop

  • Weight: 0.90kg

  • Dimensions: 300 (W) x 500 (L) mm

  • Packing: simple plastic bag

  • Suitable for adults with chest circumference ≤ 1750 mm, weight ≥ 43 kg, height ≥ 155 cm

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